Fleet Insurance, a consultancy firm, specialised in setting up and optimisation of insurance management for car lease companies

There is plenty to save on insurance for leasing companies. This is however not possible when there is a lack of insight, detailed insight into risk profiles and actual claims, premium structure and market benchmarks. Not as long as insurance structures are taken for granted and tenders go as they did.

Only when you understand and optimize the entire system – from driving behavior to claims reserves, from premium breakdown  to reinsurance – will you realize sustainable savings. Only then.

And it is only your turn if you let hard data speak and monitor developments accurately. Only then will you play a decisive role in the interaction with customer and insurer. Then you open the door to new, groundbreaking insurance constructions and inspiring solutions. Only then. But how?

Welcome to Fleet Insurance. We are the designers of powerful insurance management for leasing companies, at home in the (international) world of insurers. We are also the developers of the revolutionary Risk Monitor. The online dashboard that finally gives leasing companies objective insight into risks, damage and premiums, within their own fleet and in the market.
In this way, powerful and sustainable insurance management contributes to your return.

Fleet Insurance. Save systematically.


For all mobility that uses public roads, we can cut costs.

Passenger car







All your mobility-related coverages can be sourced and optimized for you.

Our clients

We work for national and international clients in all sectors with the exception of commercial freight transportation.


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